Fun games for early child development

Give yourself some time to relax while
your little one plays and develops.

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Developed in participation with
professional educators and
preschool education experts

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Educational games designed for different levels of difficulty, suitable for kids aged 2-3 years, 3-4 years and 4-5 years

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Help kids learn important skills like thinking, attention, logic, counting, memory, reading, writing, fine motor skills, drawing and more

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Games for developing thinking, attention and logic skills

A large selection of fun puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers will help you instill a love for learning in your kids – they won’t be able to get enough! Puzzles, memory games, teaching games and many others will develop thinking and visual memory even in toddlers.

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Number and math games for kids

Counting games that are clear and fun for kids will help them master this complex skill set with ease. Games like number scales are one of the most effectiveobvious ways to teach a kid how to count – a good alternative to abstract math tasks.

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Learning about words, speech and speaking

All games are filled with concepts from different areas of life: vehicles, animals, jobs and others. All of them are accompanied by sounds so your toddler will learn new topics easily, stock up on new vocabulary and practice their speech with Tim the Kitten.

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Teaching children to draw

Drawing games are designed so that, as well as training their fine motor skills, your child will learn to draw shapes and objects of differing complexity.

Tims Journey game screenshot
Tims Journey game screenshot
Tims Journey game screenshot
Tims Journey game screenshot
Tims Journey game screenshot
Tims Journey game screenshot
Tims Journey game screenshot
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Customer reviews

As a mother, I’ve personally tried no less than 20 educational apps for kids, and Tim is doubtlessly THE best one!

Simple and safe for kids and doesn't contain ads.

Its a fantastic app! My sis always play Tim, from my phone, she likes it so much!

This is GREAT, my daughter is 3 years old and IS IN LOVEEEEE with this app

My granddaughter loves it. Plays her games and is also learning her colors, numbers.

Once I put my child's age in, the games was tailored for him. Also the algorithm was excellent.